My Virginity

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My first sexual experience for me as a lady occurred way back when I was only in high school. I was sixteen at the time, and I must say that the hormones in me raging. In fact, I was often in need of a strong man who would take me in all the ways that I had never before thought possible. Brad and I were in the same class that year, and he was part of the football team. I would often find myself sitting in the stands watching them train for hours on end. One day he noticed me and he told me to meet him at his place after training. Who was I to say no to such a strong, handsome and romantic man?

Once at his place, Brad and I kicked off with some light conversation and some of his mom’s favorite wine. Within a few minutes into our so-called date, both of us were making out heavily, and I could feel myself becoming wetter by the minute. Brad, on the other hand, seemed to be experienced at getting women so hot and bothered that I could not do anything but resist any of his advances. Before I knew it, we were both naked and alone in his room. The added benefit is that I was feeling totally comfortable and excited despite the fact that his penis was by now as erect as a fishing rod.

More making out proceeded and then came the first moment when he managed to penetrate my vagina. The pleasure was so intense that I gasped and screamed his name out loud. Both of us now were so connected with intense pleasure and the lovemaking kept on getting steamier and steamier. While this was my first time having sex, I must say that both of us were able to fuck for a sufficient amount of time before both of us finally came in orgasmic pleasure. The added benefit is that we used a condom and there was no risk of becoming pregnant or catching a sexual infection, especially since I knew how Brad loved flinging with other girls from my school. After the intercourse concluded, we both engaged in some light conversation and some make outs before we proceeded to dress and he escorted me home. The sexual experience opened the doors for me to experience myself as a woman and to enjoy sex as well.

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