Make Her Happy without Penetration

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When my boyfriend, now my husband, first started dating, he was not into penetration at all. Mind you I must admit that he was really god with sex toys and stuff. At the time I was still working on the reception at London escorts and I realized that people get off in many different ways. The girls who worked as actual London escorts used to tell em some great stories and I became rather accepting of different practices. The fact that my boyfriend did not like penetrative sex did not worry me at all.

We had been together for about a year when I started to miss feeling a warm man inside me. My boyfriend could understand how I felt and went off to see a sex therapist. He was pretty sure that he had some of hang up about penetrative sex. I told the girls at London escorts about it and they could also understand how I felt. In the end, one of the girls at London escorts said that he needed to get over his problem with women. To be fair, I had never thought that he had a problem with women.

My boyfriend did manage to get help but it took him ages to maintain an erection so that I could have an orgasm. We kept combining sex toys and a bit of penetration. Eventually he managed to last longer but said that he missed all of the sex toy play. My best friend at London escorts suggested that we try going swinging. She knew of this club in London and would be happy to introduce us. I know that a lot of London escorts swing but I was a bit reluctant.

Eventually we did get around to meeting up with my friend from London escorts and going around to the club. It was clear that girls from London escorts were really popular at the club and we were welcomed with open arms. The fact that my boyfriend was really into sex toys turned a lot of the girls on and they ended up wanting to spend time with him. I got to meet some hot gents who were the masters of penetration so you could say that we got the best of both worlds if you like.

It was around this time my boyfriend and I decided to get married. We realized that we were comfortable with each other and enjoyed what we did. When we were at home, we enjoyed penetrative sex with other but my husband got to satisfy his need for playing with sex toys at the swingers club. Today, I still work for London escorts on the reception and we go swinging. I love it and the people at the office love it to. You could say us at the elite escorts in London love having sex with different people and I can see why so many people get a kick out of it.  We all have different needs and if they can’t be met by your partner, perhaps somebody else would like to help you out. Joining a swingers club can be the ideal solution for many partners and companions out there.

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