Don’t forget your Roots- A Barnfield escort story of success

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Living a life of failure and poverty may be the hardest challenge people encounter. Our family lived in a dumpy site and no steady work. My father is fighting his illness, and my mother is a washerwoman. I do a part-time job as a babysitter in our neighbor and get a little amount out of it. I haven’t experienced enrolled in a school or read books. I get jealous of some of the kids who had gone to school and played after. At my young age, I do household chores and work. Well, you cannot blame your parents since both of them haven’t finished school too. My life is miserable. Sometimes we sleep hungry and tired. Even my father’s medication we cannot maintain. This life is like a nightmare you wish to wake up.


At the age of seventeen, my father has died because of poverty and illness too. It was painful since we cannot do anything to longer his life. I wish he had treatment and be still alive now. My mother is the only one left for me; our house is almost damage, but we have no money for repair. I don’t want to lose my mother since she is the only one I have. I had to stop her from work and rest at home. I did my best to survive us in our daily needs. I have to make sure that my mother can eat three times a day even if I starve myself. I am also thankful to our neighbors to share us their blessings, and hopefully, I can return that kindness. One of neighbor offer me to send me to school, and I grab it. It’s tougher for now since I need to double time. I have finished high school at the age of twenty-nine, but it doesn’t stop me to pursue college. One of our neighbors is an escort; she told if I were interested. I never think about it and say yes.


I worked as a Barnfield escort from and at the same time fund myself to college. I also had to keep an eye on my sick mother. I need money to hospitalize her, and my work helped me a lot. I got a lot of money from my clients and did extra service if required. I had earned money and finished my studies. I had also maintained my mother’s treatment. We had also bought a new house for us and had a comfortable life. I am so happy for where I am now.


I look back on my past and realize how hard I have been. I worked hard and earned everything. Thankful for the people who help us survive our daily lives. In return for all the kindness in my neighbor, I bought the land for them and built a school for needy children that want to learn. I know the feeling of being nothing, and that’s why I don’t forget my roots because it reminds me of my success.

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