Is this the death of the hen night in London?

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Hen nights for most English girls are rather crazy and wild affairs. It often means that you go out and party all night and maybe even get really drunk. During my time with Paddington escorts of I have been on numerous crazy and wild hen nights, and when it come around to my turn to get married, I was not sure if I wanted to go through all of that. At 33 years old I was a little bit older than most of the other girls at Paddington escorts, and I wanted to my send off from the escort agency be a little bit more chilled put.


In the end, I opted for an American style bridle shower at one of the top tea rooms in London. I rather liked the idea of having tea and a chat to the girls at Paddington escorts instead of a wild night out on the town. Sure, it would have been fun, but not all girls are the same, and some of us what to start off married life in a different more traditional way. The girls were a little bit surprised when they got their invitations, but all seemed to be anxious to attend.


None of the girls at Paddington escorts had been to a bridal shower before. Neither had I to be honest, but I certainly took my time to read up all about them. I wanted to be nice affair, but at the same time, I wanted us to have fun. The place I had booked my bridal shower in had lots of experience with bridal showers. As soon as I met the manageress at the venue, I knew that it was going to be a special experience for myself and my friends from Paddington escorts.


I think that many of the girls at Paddington escorts thought that they were just going to be treated to tea and coffee, but that was not the case. From the moment they walked in, the champagne was flowing and the girls were really surprised. The spread on the table looked lovely, and the girls could choose in between continuing to drink the champagne or having tea or coffee. Personally I did a little of both and I felt that it was really working for me.


The room was packed, and when the party finally finished, it was late afternoon and the girls were delighted. The last time a girl from Paddington escorts had got married, we had one of those craxy hen nights. Sure, it had been fun, but from what I could tell, all of the girls really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, almost all of them said that they preferred my bridal showers to a crazy and wild hen night out, it was a change for us girls to get and talk. It mad a huge difference not to have to shout over the music and I loved the fact that the venue was so beautiful. We all went home with a small goodie bag, and I know that bridal showers will become popular with the girls at Paddington escorts.

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